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That’s me on the far right


Christy’s older half sister, Sloan

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wcif Christy's shirt?
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Hey wcif Riley's tattoo? From hometownglory

Her tattoos are custom made for her. They’re not up for download.

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Before and after of Christy

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Aiden’s house WIP - Livingroom & Kitchen.

I built it from the ground up but the outside is not quite done yet.

brittanyyxo-sims made a sim on my computer so of course I had to make our sims take pictures together

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I’m aliveee.

My new channel art for my Youtube Channel :)

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You look none too pleased miss Elli

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If you can take a moment, i would really appreciate it... Although I've been faithfully watching Dear diary and I am way into Hg, may you tell what Dear Diary is about? I'd like to read it rather than stumble across my thoughts trying to put it all together into one "storyline" myself, lol. As for Hg, hopefully you could find the anon who asked the same question for Hg, I hope I wasn't bothersome. Thanks again for answering bb.

Well, Dear Diary is mainly a coming of age about a girl (Faye) who’s growing up trying to find herself and who she wants to be. We are learning about her and her life partially through her diary entries. Every episode is based on something she wrote in her diary that she experienced or a story her friends/family shared with her (Not necessarily during that episode but something she was told about later in life). I’m trying to figure out the right words to explain it without confusing the shit out of you, lol. Basically its set in the “past” (in this series 2012=Past lol) and you’re reading her old diary, even if there’s no actual written diary entry in the episode. The episodes itself as a whole are her diary entries visualized. I guess you could think of it as something like How I met your mother without the trying to figure out who the mother is and the main character is not really letting you know this is all past tense. It will all make perfect sense towards the end of the 2nd season I promise. Eventually we’ll get to her present and when that happens there’s no more diary left and there will be big changes :3

You can read about HG here. It’s much more straight to the point, lol

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can u please please please answer my question about CC and making a Sim series i really need your help Thankyou soooo much :)

I did :)

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I really want to create a sim series really bad i was going to wait intill sims4 but i think sims3 will be better using but i dont have the best computer ive got a Dell :( not an Alienware or anything good enough to handle so much CC im kind of scared to download CC just in case i wont have a computer at all i dont know what to do can you help me ?

I’m not 100% sure sims 3 will be any better, since a lot of the times the game will lag and crash even on the best computer with too much cc. (Alienware is from Dell BTW, lol). But try to keep your cc low. A lot of the times we end up downloading shit we never use and say we’ll use it eventually. Just download what you need. Usually sometimes after I use a cc item that I don’t plan on using often, I’ll take it back out the game and put it back in when I need it. Try game boosting programs like gamebooster, and try keeping your cc compressed with the compressorizer and organized with either s3pe or cc magic. If you Google it, you can find video and picture tutorials on how use use some of those programs.

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